Residential Solutions Inc provides a range of abatement services, including the safe removal (abatement), enclosure, and disposal of identified asbestos-containing materials, following Low to High Risk procedures, within the residential and commercial markets.  We are fully compliant with all municipal, provincial and federal legislation relating to the safe handling, removal and disposal of asbestos.

We work closely with testing consultants across Edmonton and surrounding areas to provide full-service abatement solutions for clients who have already identified hazardous asbestos areas within their properties.

Asbestos is particularly harmful for personnel who work with it on a regular basis, as well as residents of the community that are prone to inhaling it through the air, and certain laws have been passed to prevent such exposure. Residential Solutions Inc can be relied on as a licensed contractor for asbestos removal, to follow the applicable legislation and regulations to remove containing building materials from your site, while keeping you and our workers safe from harm.

Since 2010, Residential Solutions Inc. has been proud to help property owners with everything from abatement and demolition to excavation and framing. Our family business offers competitive prices and exceeds expectations with our top-quality customer service. We’re bonded and insured. No matter the scope of your project, we’ll get it done on time and on budget. Please contact us in Edmonton with any questions or to request an estimate.